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We are an independent voluntary group of enthusiasts for mushrooms, toadstools and other fungi. Join us for informal, family-friendly walks in Buckinghamshire woodland and countryside to find, discover about and record fungi.

Recognizing and recording the fungi, as part of a network of recording groups, helps us support the conservation of these vital organisms and is great fun! Newcomers are encouraged to learn to identify fungi with help from more experienced members. Please explore our web site to learn more.

If you would like to join us, please go to our membership section and return the application form with your subscription.

Members' Finds page has been developed and introduced to compensate in a very small way for the entire lack of the group’s activities this autumn brought about by the regrettable Covid 19 situation. We would like to encourage members to go out looking for fungi anywhere in the county and send in their photos to share with everyone. Rare or common, identified or not, it doesn’t matter! We will name it for you if we can (but certainly won’t be able to name everything you send in) and your photos will reflect what is fruiting well at the moment and what others should be looking out for in their local patch. We’d like as many members as possible to contribute, so please get out there with your cameras / phones and email your photos to Penny. Please include the site and date of your find together with any other points of interest such as substrate and habitat.

Updated 21st August 2020 - Due to the continuing uncertainty with regard to Covid 19 we have regrettably decided that ALL BFG MEETINGS AND WALKS ARE CANCELLED for the rest of 2020. As a result members’ subscription renewals for 2020 have been deferred until August 2021. We will be keeping the situation under review and if / when restrictions are sufficiently eased, we will contact members with any last minute arrangements for walks we are able to put in place. In the meantime, Penny and Derek would be happy to receive members’ photos of any collections they’d like identified and to this end are preparing a simple help-sheet which we’ll be sending round when completed.
We both look forward to a better time when friendships can be renewed and the group’s activities restored to some form of ‘normal’.

NB: If any members are not receiving information circulars before an event (these are normally sent out both 10 days and 3-4 days beforehand) and have maybe changed their email address, please could they inform Penny of their new address.