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We are an independent voluntary group of enthusiasts for mushrooms, toadstools and other fungi. Join us for informal, family-friendly walks in Buckinghamshire woodland and countryside to find, discover about and record fungi.

Recognizing and recording the fungi, as part of a network of recording groups, helps us support the conservation of these vital organisms and is great fun! Newcomers are encouraged to learn to identify fungi with help from more experienced members. Please explore our web site to learn more.

If you would like to join us, please go to our membership section and return the membership form with your subscription.

AGM 2016 on Sunday June 12th

Details of this recently arranged meeting can be found on the Forays and Meetings page.

Visit our Members' photographs page to find some of Nick's remarkable fungi images. More of these can be found on the Foray Reports and Lists page where Penny used many of Nick's images to illustrate her reports over the last two autumn seasons.'